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Equipment Rental

Want to host an amazing gaming party, but want to keep the list small, and keep everyone safe?

Our Gaming Equipment Rental service is a drop-off service where we come to your door with all the necessary games and consoles to have a successful party! After the party ends, we come back, clean and pack up the equipment.

It is as simple as that! No fuss no mess just good, clean games...

Our rental program is a great way to ensure a safe, fun, gaming environment where your children and their friends can play all the latest and greatest games together in one place. All of the equipment we deliver and drop off is clean and sanitary. Our staff cares deeply about stopping the spread of illness and clean each game piece, board, controller and console before and after every rental.

Here are five good reasons why our gaming equipment rental rocks:

  • Clean. All equipment is cleaned before and after every event to ensure your health and safety.

  • Safety First. FUNBASH Gaming Equipment Rental is a safe way to get everyone together with the peace of mind that you run the event in a space of your choosing.

  • Flexibility is key. We work with you to customize the games you want ahead of time. This is ideal for parents who want to be able to control what is being played.

  • At your convenience. We can set the event up in virtually any space i.e. Your garage, a patio, backyard, living room or man cave!

  • Great value. Only pay for the equipment you want to use and set the amount of time you want to play. This ensures cost savings.

  • Excellent Service. You can expect our high quality guarantee that we have with all of our events. We ensure 100% satisfaction in every event we do.

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