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Fun For All!



FUNBASH USA INC. is a unique social entertainment company based in New York, which specialize in Mobile Jumbo Size Board Games and Video Gaming Stations for all social events. We provide a service that exposes children and adults to a playful and creative environment while allowing them to build their confidence and self-expression. Our services promote problem-solving, focus, perseverance, collaboration, communication, accountability while enjoying continuous hours of fun.

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Our Service

Something for Everyone

"Funbash! is steadily becoming the go-to service for event planners who are looking for something different and affective in creating a welcoming social environment. This is because we have established a format that is fun and relaxing for all ages."
Jevante Qirashawn - Founder

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Jumbo Games


Video Games

Join the Fun

Arts & Craft

Be Creative Motivate Minds

Drive-In Movie

Experience It With family

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Bubble Ball

Enjoy the Excitement

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Sing Along

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Game Show

Buzzer Time!

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Senior Games

Join the Fun

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We Need Each Other

Funbash! is honored to have the opportunity to put a game table in between children and law enforcers and watch the positive reactions of both. Opportunities like this help our children heal from the trauma of what they see and hear and experience the human side of law enforcement. We can be the bridge that helps repair this gap.

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