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Game Show

Buzzer Time!

FunBash! is brining the game show experience to it’s events in 2022. Attendees can build or join teams with their family, friends and strangers to compete and challenge their opponents. This exciting experience will leave everyone smiling and having a lot of FUN!

Game Shows Available

Here are several game shows we have.

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Family Feud

"The Feud" is a parody of the popular game show. It's more than just a game. It's an entire event!

The FEUD has:

  • custom logo

  • custom audio (load your own .mp3)

  • question importer from a spreadsheet 

  • unlimited questions

  • up to 10 answers

  • round multiplier


Beat The Clock

Fast paced, high energy race between 2-8 people to name things in a category. Better think fast, so you can Beat the Clock!


Up to 8 contestant can play this fast paced game. When it's your turn just  say a word in the category, and make sure the clock does not stop on you. No repeats!  If the clock does stop on you, you are OUT!!  

When the Clock is turned on, brains turn off. It gets fun to play and hilarious to watch.


Wheel Of Fortune

Contestants compete to solve word puzzles. Similar to Hangman.

Screenshot (477).png

Quiz Show

This is more than just trivia questions, this is QUIZ SHOW!
Up to 10 players (or teams) can buzz in to answer. Features: Import/export questions, customize the logo, built in sound effects and animations. This is the easiest way to turn your next game night into a TV game show.

Screenshot (478).png

Take A Chance

In this game, based on a classic game show concept, three players will try to get the most money by landing on the game board tiles. But watch out, if you land on Captain Jack the Pirate, he will "Jack all your money."

Screenshot (475).png

Crowd "SAYS"

Guess the blanks to what the "Crowd Says"!
Two teams guess the top answers to fill in the blank questions. It's kind of like The Feud and Match Game had a baby. The team with the highest score at the end of 3 rounds goes on to the bonus round.

Screenshot (66).png

Speed Trivia

It's not WHAT you know.  It's how FAST you know it!
Contestants will have 30 seconds to see how many questions they can answer. The faster they answer, the more points they get; miss one, and your turn is over. Top 10 scores show up on the Leader Board.

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