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Bottle Flip

An exciting new way to get your kids engage and having fun without electronics!

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Funbash Launches Exciting New Interactive Competitive Gaming Service: "Bottle Flip Tournament"

Funbash, a leader in innovative entertainment solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exciting new interactive competitive gaming service, "Bottle Flip Tournament." This thrilling and engaging game has already captured the hearts of kids and parents alike, creating a buzz of excitement at recent events.

The "Bottle Flip Tournament" is the first of several interactive gaming services to be introduced by Funbash. Participants compete against each other in a friendly yet competitive game of bottle flipping, testing their skill and precision. This unique and entertaining experience has been a hit among both children and adults, providing hours of fun and excitement.

Recent events featuring the Funbash "Bottle Flip Tournament" saw an enthusiastic response from kids and parents, who eagerly engaged with every game. Participants were not only entertained but also challenged to master the art of bottle flipping. Medals were awarded to each child who participated, adding to the excitement and sense of achievement. The top performers, securing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, received medals and exciting prizes, further enhancing the competitive spirit of the tournament.

The Funbash Bottle Flip activation package is now available for all types of events that cater to kids and families. Whether it's a birthday party, a community fair, or a school event, Funbash brings a new level of excitement and entertainment that ensures everyone has a great time.

"At Funbash, we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for kids and families," said Jevante Qirashawn, Founder of Funbash. "The 'Bottle Flip Tournament' is just the beginning of our interactive gaming services lineup. We are committed to bringing fun and engagement to a whole new level at events, leaving participants with unforgettable memories."

Funbash invites event organizers, party planners, and anyone looking to add an extra layer of excitement to their gatherings to explore the "Bottle Flip Tournament" and other interactive gaming services.

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The Bottle Flip game can be a fun and engaging activity for various kid-centric events and gatherings. Here's a list of kid events where this game can be a great addition:

  1. Birthday Parties: Bottle Flip can be an exciting game to include in a birthday party for kids. It adds an element of competition and entertainment to the celebration.

  2. Summer Camps: Whether it's a day camp or an overnight camp, kids can enjoy playing Bottle Flip as part of their camp activities.

  3. School Fun Fairs: School events and fun fairs often feature different games and activities, and Bottle Flip can be one of them.

  4. Family Reunions: It's a great game for kids to play during family gatherings, keeping them entertained and active.

  5. Playdates: When kids have friends over for playdates, Bottle Flip can be a fun game to play in the backyard or at home.

  6. Community Picnics: Community picnics and outdoor events can benefit from having games like Bottle Flip to keep the kids engaged.

  7. Holiday Parties: Whether it's a Halloween party, Christmas gathering, or any other holiday celebration, this game can be adapted to fit the theme.

  8. Summer BBQs: For summer barbecues with families and friends, Bottle Flip can be a casual and enjoyable outdoor activity.

  9. Carnivals: If you're organizing or participating in a local carnival, having Bottle Flip as one of the game booths can attract young participants.

  10. Sports Team Parties: After a youth sports team's game or season, you can organize a party with Bottle Flip as one of the activities.

  11. Scout Meetings: Scout groups and youth organizations can incorporate Bottle Flip into their meetings and events.

  12. After-School Programs: Bottle Flip can be a great addition to after-school programs to keep kids entertained and active.

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