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Exciting Announcement: Funbash Introduces "Winner Medals" to Jumbo Game Board Activations

Funbash, the ultimate source of entertainment and engagement, is thrilled to announce an exciting addition to its already exhilarating jumbo game board activations. Starting in September 2023, participants who conquer the challenges and emerge victorious at our larger-than-life game boards will be honored with a prestigious "Winner Medal."

The introduction of "Winner Medals" marks a significant enhancement to the Funbash experience, adding an extra layer of competitiveness and recognition. As individuals and teams engage in friendly battles of strategy and skill, they now have the chance to earn more than just bragging rights—they can earn a physical symbol of their triumph.

"At Funbash, we're always seeking ways to elevate the excitement and engagement our jumbo game boards bring," said Jevante Qirashawn, Founder of Funbash. "The introduction of 'Winner Medals' is our way of celebrating the dedication and talent of our participants. It's not just about the games; it's about recognizing the achievement and fostering a sense of accomplishment."

The gleaming "Winner Medals" will be awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional prowess across a variety of games. Whether it's conquering colossal chess or triumphing in gigantic Jenga, participants will have the chance to claim their place as champions and walk away with a token of their victory.

Funbash has consistently been at the forefront of delivering unforgettable moments of joy and camaraderie through its larger-than-life games. The addition of "Winner Medals" further underscores the commitment to providing an immersive and rewarding experience for players of all ages.

For more information about Funbash, its unique jumbo game activations, and the new "Winner Medals," please visit or contact 718.600.9109.

About Funbash

Funbash is a pioneering provider of larger-than-life game activations that bring people together through shared entertainment and competition. With a diverse selection of jumbo game boards, Funbash creates memorable moments of fun, engagement, and camaraderie at events, gatherings, and celebrations. For more information, visit

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