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Funbash Brings Out The Big Games For Peaceful Summer Fest NYC

The Prince Joshua Avitto Community Center in New York City came alive on Friday, June 30th, as the brought together families and community members for a day of music, entertainment, and celebration. Organized by NYC Gun Prevention Czar, Council member Barron, and Council Member Nurse, the event aimed to promote peace, unity, and positivity within the community.

The festival showcased a star-studded lineup of performers who captivated the audience with their electrifying performances. Hip-hop legend AZ, Lil Mama, Phresher, Mysonne, Arnstar, Lena Soul, and Friends took to the stage, delivering powerful performances that resonated with attendees of all ages. The event provided an opportunity for local talent to shine and brought the community closer through the universal language of music.

One of the highlights of the Peaceful Summer Fest NYC was the incredible jumbo games provided by Funbash. Families in East New York were reintroduced to large-sized classic games, adding an extra element of excitement to the festivities. Funbash also delighted attendees with delectable treats, including cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones, ensuring that everyone enjoyed a truly memorable experience. Moreover, children had the chance to get their faces painted, adding an extra touch of joy to the day.

The success of the Peaceful Summer Fest NYC serves as a testament to the power of unity and demonstrates the community's commitment to building a safer and more harmonious neighborhood. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who attended, performed, and contributed to making this event a resounding success.

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