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Funbash Gaming Bridges The Gaps Between Communities and Law Enforcement.

Community activities is a wonderful opportunity for law enforcement to engage the citizens they have sworn to protect. Hands on gaming engagement can improve each participants attitude and affectively improve that much needed bond for a lasting, positive social impact.

Funbash hosted community events have witness officers and kids enjoying each other presents during play. The officer's tone of voice, face expression and verbal communication helps to dispel preconceived notions and forge new, positive relationships. Gaming at one of our jumbo boards games assist in bridging gaps which grows from the actions of a few bad seeds. it establishes a comfort zone for the officer to teach or be thought about the game being played, sparking a conversation that a child will remember and reflect on during life.

Funbash hopes to partner with community leaders and law enforcement agencies to develop a continuous partnership which will lead to effective social gaming activities that positively influence all participants.

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