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Funbash Participated In Easter Egg Run Event at PS306 Sponsored by Liveschool to Celebrate Students' Outstanding Attendance

PS306, in collaboration with Liveschool, thrilled students and families at PS306 with an exciting Easter Egg Run event held on April 3rd. This engaging celebration, featuring Funbash's jumbo games, aimed to honor students with exceptional attendance across all grade levels, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for their dedication.

PS306, a pillar of academic excellence in our community, served as the perfect backdrop for this lively event, which brought together students, teachers, and families in a spirit of fun and camaraderie. Liveschool's sponsorship added an extra layer of support, enhancing the experience for all involved.

Funbash's jumbo games provided an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment, encouraging students to engage in friendly competition and teamwork. Beyond the games, the Easter Egg Run offered a valuable opportunity for students to socialize and bond with their peers outside the classroom setting.

The Easter Egg Run, made possible by the partnership between Funbash and Liveschool, exemplifies the positive impact that collaboration between organizations can have on the educational experience of students. By recognizing and celebrating their achievements, this event contributes to a culture of positivity and support within the school community.

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