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Peaceful Summer Fest 2024: Funbash Hosts Community Event to Promote Peace and Positivity in Canarsie

As National Gun Violence Awareness Month concludes, community organizations united in Canarsie to encourage kids to begin their summer on a positive note. Peaceful Summer Fest 2024, held at I.S. 68 Park, was a vibrant event aimed at promoting peace and community engagement.

Hosted by Funbash, the festival featured their exclusive jumbo games and a delicious concession stand, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for attendees. Funbash also organized several game tournaments for the kids, offering an opportunity for them to compete and win medals for their participation.

“Canarsie is a beautiful community overall," said Andre T. Mitchell, CEO of Man Up! INC. USA. "The majority of Canarsie is made up of great, hard-working people who have been dealing with some violence, and we’re working to reduce it.”

The event, which promotes peace in Brooklyn, comes in the wake of two consecutive shootings in the area.

“We know that sometimes violence increases in the summer,” Mitchell-Mann explained. "As a community, we want to get ahead of it. We want to promote performances and put on events like this, which we know from experience can reduce gun violence.”

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