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Dive into the ultimate bottle flipping extravaganza with Funbash Bottle Flip Competition activation for your school engagement event!

Thrilling Fun for All Ages: 

The bottle flip challenge is a timeless and exciting game that captivates the attention of kids, making it an ideal choice for a school event. The suspense and cheers as the bottles flip through the air will keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

Healthy Competition: 

Foster a spirit of healthy competition among the kids as they go head-to-head in the quest to land those bottles upright. It's not just about flipping bottles; it's about sportsmanship, determination, and friendly rivalry that will leave lasting memories.

Engaging Physical Activity: 

In a world dominated by screens, Funbash Bottle Flip Competition encourages physical activity and coordination. It's a fantastic way to get kids moving, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in a fun and entertaining manner.

Medals and Prizes Galore: 

Reward the champions with glittering medals and fantastic prizes! The joy of victory and the thrill of receiving a shiny medal or exciting prizes will be etched in the kids' minds, creating a memorable experience they'll cherish.

Turnkey Solution by Funbash: 

We've got you covered! Funbash takes care of all the nitty-gritty details. From signage and competition boards to top-quality equipment, we provide everything needed to ensure a seamless and successful event. You can focus on enjoying the event while we handle the logistics.

Ready to flip the script on your school engagement event? Choose Funbash Bottle Flip Competition for a day filled with laughter, cheers, and unforgettable moments! 🏆🎊

Call 718.600.9109 or email for more info and open dates.

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