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Funbash Announce It's New Carnival Gaming Service

With the continuous success of it exclusive game board service, FunbashUSA Inc. has integrated a carnival feel experience into it's entertainment packages. The event entertainment provider now has a carnival interactive component that allows attendees to play and win prizes. It includes many of the traditional carnival activities with a gaming spin attach.

Players can flip a bottle to compete with others, toss a dice to advance in a race or throw a ball into as many cups as possible before an opponent. "This a fun and cool way to get people to interact and socialize while having fun" said founder and event Director Jevante Qirashawn. " We love having the opportunity to put this unique spin within carnival entertainment space".

The packages will be available for block parties, churches, schools and many other social events throughout the city of New York. For more information call 718.600.9109

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